Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Young Pullets Have A New Home....

We moved the young pullets from the brooders into a pen this morning. They seemed to be enjoying the space......That is all except one and she was running the fence and flying around like a bat.....A Ding Bat that is. I told William there has to be one crazy one in every batch of chickens we order. I hope she settles down before she breaks her neck.

At least they have more space to run around and fly around. The brooders were getting pretty full the way the chicks are growing. Now they have a good sized pen to move around in and a house to get into at night.

The goslings got to move into a larger brooder after the chicks vacated the space. I noticed they are beginning to get feathers so maybe it won't be long before they can go to their own pen.

We have some pepper plants that are wilting and dying. William pulled some of them up this morning and he said the stems down near the roots were brown and dry. The leaves have spots on them as do any peppers on the plants. It is really disheartening to get the plants to producing and then have them die. Most all of the banana peppers have died and two of the bell peppers. The Jalapeno and the Cayenne seemed to be doing great and have loads of peppers on them. Guess I need to get in contact with our county extension official and see if he can give me an idea of what to do to keep the rest of the peppers from dying.

That's the extent of our day. Nothing too exciting going on. Well there was one exciting happening today....It RAINED!!!! I hear thunder in the distance right now so maybe we'll get more rain tonight. I sure hope so. :)

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