Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Going On Around Here?

First I have a confession to make. I never got the greens planted. It may be too late now as we have temps in the 40s forecast for the weekend. I guess I can wait and plant the seed next spring. The day I was planning to plant the greens rain came and came hard. That stopped the planting for a few days.

Another excuse I'm using is that I've been really busy with taking care of all the paperwork that we inherited when my MIL passed away September 3rd. It's been like a maze trying to get through all the bills, insurance policies, etc. I'm still working on it and I know that I have several more weeks before I'll be finished.

On another note, the green beans are loaded with blooms. We should have fresh green beans in the next few days. The yellow squash are beginning to produce and I found some small zukes. Both squash and zucchini are full of blooms. I wish every bloxxom would produce fruit.

The cucumbers have blooms also. I haven't found any cucumbers yet but if we don't get a frost there should be some soon.

The jalapeno peppers are hanging with red peppers. I don't have enough sweet peppers to make pepper jelly but when I go to the grocery store I plan to buy some to use for the jelly. I love pepper jelly on a sandwich.

William and I are trying to decide if we want to sell our animals. I got an offer one day last week but it wasn't near enough to pay me back for what I paid for the ones I bought. I can't do that. William suggested waiting until spring and then trying to sell them. I just hope that the critters don't come calling and we lose a lot of them. This happens most every fall. I hope the pens are reenforced enough to keep the varmints out.

One more thing that is about to take place is our oldest grandson is being deployed again. He flys out this Saturday for more training and then it's off for another tour. There's going to be a ceremonial send off Saturday for his unit. We plan to go. I know it's going to be so hard to say goodbye to him but I want to see him before he leaves. He's a fine young man and I'm so very proud of him. Still I wish he didn't have to go.

That's all I have to say for now. I've been wordy enough, don't you think?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greens, Greens, Greens & More Greens

We have the bed ready to plant the fall greens.....Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens and Kale Greens. I'm thinking there'll be some good eating around here this fall and winter. Good and healthy!

Now, I have to carry myself out there and get the seeds in the ground so they can be watered in by that rain in the forecast for next week.

This a short post. I have to get to work. Thanks for coming by. :)s to you all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Latest Block For A Forum Quilt

I had planned to have the quilt block sewn and sent off by September 3rd. I didn't know that my Mother-In-Law would pass away. We thought she was getting a little better. We were wrong.

Anyway, William and I have been busy taking care of things that have to be taken care of. I wasn't sure if I'd even get the block sewn. But I did! It's mailed and should be there tomorrow. I like the colors in this block. It's hard to see the bluish/greenish color in the center square but it's there. :)

This block is called Squares In A Square:

Squares in a square block

I'm glad that I had time to finish the block and get it mailed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall is in the air!

The temps have been much cooler the last few mornings and evenings. It feels so nice to walk out on the porch in the morning. Think it's time to start to have coffee every morning out in the hide-away. It will be nice to sip coffee and look at the plants and smell the aromas of fall. :)

The yellow squash are beginning to put on some fruit. I got one this afternoon and there's another almost large enough to pull. I saw several more on the vines so it won't be long we'll be having fresh squash again.

The zucchini plants are healthy but haven't started blooming yet. I hope the frost will hold off until we can gather some zukes too.

The green beans aren't looking very healthy. Neither are the cucumbers. I don't think the seed for cucumbers were viable this year. We're not the only ones having troubles with growing cucumbers this summer.

The Taladega tomato plants are loaded. Unfortunately we only have two plants. There should be enough to have tomato sandwiches until frost. Yummy. The Marianna's Conflict have several tomatoes on them. We pulled a ripe one and made sandwiches.

The birds are growing. We still have to make a pen for the young guineas. Or we may just move the game hen and Easter Egger roo into the large pen and put the guineas into their pen. At least for a while.

We need to go rabbit shopping. I have to call Mr. Irons to see if he has any breeder rabbits he would like to sell. If we are going to put any young rabbits in the freezer we need to get busy. It will soon be chilly for butchering outside and I'm not going to butcher rabbits in my kitchen. OHHH YUCKY...

As I said nothing much is happening around Hunny Bunny Haven at this time. We will get busier in the next couple of weeks but until then...I thank you for dropping by and hope you all will come back soon.