Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lunch For Two

We had errands to do this morning.  William and I were hungry when we got home so I needed something quick and easy to make for lunch. 

I decided on pork chops along with Tomato Pie. 


For dessert Turtle Cake fit the bill.


First I baked a pie shell.  Then I coated the pork chops with Dijon mustard and salt and pepper.  In to the oven they bake while I let the pie shell cool.  I mixed some mayo, sliced green onions, basil, shredded Cheddar cheese and shredded Mozzerella cheese.  The tomatoes were peeled and sliced into thick slices.  I lined the pie shell with the tomatoes then sprinkled some Parmesan cheese over them.  Next the mayo mixture was spread over the top of the Parmesan cheese.  The pie was then put into the oven to bake for thirty minutes.  We had lunch in about forty-five minutes.

What does this have to do with gardening?  The tomatoes were from the Early Girl plants we set out around the last of February.  So the Tomato Pie was made with tomatoes from our garden.  The pie was served with baked pork chops and sliced cucumbers (cucumbers also from our garden). 

I must admit that not all the ingredients for our lunch came from our garden nor did they come from our homestead but some of them did and that makes me feel good about what we are eating. 

If I could we would raise everything we ate but marriage is a partnership and my partner says "No." to raising pigs and calves so I do what I can do with what we do grow here at Hunny Bunny Haven.

Oh and I keep working toward getting a pig and calf to raise to go into our freezer.  I may have a while to work on this as it took around six years to get the okay to add guineas to the homestead.  Eventually he said yes and now he seems to like the guineas.  I think he'd like the pig and calf too if he gave it a chance.  I know he'd love either one of them when it was served up on his plate.  :)

Thursday William and my step-father butchered twelve young rabbits.  Step-father kept one for he and my Mom to fry and William and I put fifteen quart bags of rabbit in our freezer.  That's a lot of stew for this winter.

Next week William is planning to butcher at least twelve more rabbits to go in the freezer.  We will have fifteen young rabbits left to either sell or send to Freezer Camp.  After the rabbits are butchered and put in the freezer we will start on chickens.  We have twenty young chickens to go in the freezer and two roosters.  When we finish with the chickens and  put Thanksgiving, the turkey in the freezer, we should be set for winter time as far as meat goes. 

Life is a little busy here at Hunny Bunny Haven right now but that's a good thing!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden Becoming Meal For Worms.

We try not to use any kind of pesticides/insecticides on our garden.  I'm being sorely tempted to hunt up something that will make the bugs and worms think twice about dining on our squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. 

First, let me explain my terrible fear of worms.  Wait a minute....I can't explain that fear.  It's just there.  I'd rather someone throw a snake on me than a worm.  I know, I know it's all in my head and it probably is but I get ill if I touch a worm or a worm touches me.  

Bugs and worms have invaded the squash.  I pull a beautiful yellow squash off the vines only to find a worm devouring the bottom of the squash.  This makes me sick to my stomach. 

When squash bugs get on the squash plants, I have no problem scooping them up and sending them for a  swim in soapy water with a little oil in it.  But the worms....well I just have to step aside and let them have the garden. 

OR.....use a insecticide or pesticide.  I don't use either so I'm not even sure which one to use to get rid of the crawly things. 

Our squash vines are full of young squash.  I need to figure this one out soon or all those lovely squash will be infested with worms.

The green beans have spots on them where the worms have been eating.  So far, I haven't gotten one of those nasty things in my hands.  But, I know it's only a matter of time.

These pests aren't choosey.  I've found them in the squash, zucchini, cucumbers and have seen where they've been eating on the tomatoes and green beans.

I know my fear of worms is psychological and that I need to deal with it but I can tell you now....It ain't gonna happen.  Not if it entails me holding a worm to get over my fear.  I'd just as soon get into an airplane and fly around the world and that ain't gonna happen either.

Well, that's off my mind.  Now you all know that when it comes to worms...I'm out of my mind. 

I may have to give in to the dust that is supposed to kill everything around it including the worms.....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden Pay Off!

The garden is finally paying off...For our dinner we had grilled pork loin, grilled zucchini, yellow squash and onion (the squash and zucchini were from our garden), cucumbers from our garden, sweet banana peppers and jalapeno from the garden and bought tomatoes.  I could eat like this every day.  The best part of the whole meal is everything was low in fat, carbs and calories.

I put four quarts of yellow squash and three quarts of zucchini in the freezer before we left on our trip to Alabama.  The next harvesting will be canned along with the green beans.

The tomatoes haven't started ripening yet.  I'm trying to hold off until they are ripe but if they don't hurry up and ripen I'm going to be having "Fried Green Tomatoes".

This is the time of year that I enjoy the most.  Fresh vegetables for most every meal.  I truly believe that there's no better food in the world than fresh garden vegetables.

Off the gardening subject:  We gained a son-in-law this last weekend.  Erica married Timmy Bozeman on Saturday, June 2nd.  They were married on the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama.  The ceremony was beautiful as was the scenery but neither compared to the beauty of the bride and the groom was very handsome.  I hope they'll always be as happy as they were that evening.


Erica and Timmy, June 2, 2012.

Thanks for dropping in.  I hope you'll come back soon.