Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Changes Here On The Homestead!

A lot is happening here on our homestead.  William is having a lot of trouble with his right knee.  He has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on January 31st to find out what has to be done to fix his knee.  He has a tear in the meniscus, a cyst in his knee and bone damage in the knee.  We think he is looking at surgery.  It will be wonderful if we're wrong.  However, we don't think we will be wrong.  If we are mistaken, it will be a big surprise!

We've sold all our animals except for our six geese and one duck.  Trinity will be taking the duck.  We will keep the geese.  I can take care of them.  William doesn't want me in the pasture taking care of all the animals.  The ground gets so slippery when it's wet and here lately we've had a lot of rain.

It would be hard for me to care for the animals and both the flea market booths.  So far, the flea market booths are more profitable for us than the animals.

If William does have surgery we plan to purchase more animals after he recovers.  He also has arthritis in his knees so recovery could be slow. 

I know I sound pessimistic but I'm just trying to be prepared. 

I miss hearing the roosters crow, the guineas carrying on and the turkeys gobbling but change is part of life.  I still have the "honkers" to listen to!

We are still planning to have our garden.  Although, it will be much smaller than what we usually plant. 

I still call myself a homesteader.  There's a homesteader's heart beating inside my chest.

We can still call the place Hunny Bunny Haven because one of our young rabbits escaped and it (he/she) is still hopping around here.  It has survived over two months roaming around the yard and pasture. 

Maybe we can capture it before some varmint makes the bunny dinner!

There's some of the changes that have taken place here at Hunny Bunny Haven.

Thank you all for stopping in for a visit.  I hope you all will come back soon. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Little Of This And A Lot Of That

You all can see I’m not very diligent. Time seems to get away from me these days. Christmas scooted right on in and William has been having a lot of trouble with his knee. He’s been going to see the doctor and having tests done to find out what is causing so much pain in his right knee. We are hoping to hear the results of the MRI on Monday. We are praying for a good report.

We’ve had a lot of rain in the last few weeks. Along with the rain came some rather cold weather. Because of the weather we haven’t been able to do much painting. William does have the storage building organized so we can get in there and repair, sand and paint the flea market items.

We’re going to try some homemade chalk paint. I hope it turns out to be all I’ve heard about it. What I’ve read about using chalk paint no priming is necessary. That will save time and money.

We have several items to paint. One is a jewelry box almost three feet tall. I think it will be beautiful when we get it refinished.

William found some chairs (along with the jewelry box) on the side of the road. The people were throwing all this away. We are going to refinish the chairs to go with a table we recently bought. The seats in the chairs are in very good condition. All that is needed is painting the chairs and putting them with the table to make a set.

We are planning to redo our garden area. We have eight raised beds. We haven’t had a successful harvest in the last few years. We are planning to take apart the beds and make two double rows using the Lasagna method of gardening. We’ve made two beds using this method and both times we had a great harvest.
I think this year we will plant some tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers along with the herb garden. We’ve tried to grow green beans, peas and several other vegetables which have failed.

I’m watching our farm market bulletin for some Coronation Sussex and some silkies for sale. I’d like to have silkies old enough to go broody this spring. They are wonderful little incubators.

The Sussex may not be old enough to lay this year but we still have our Easter Eggers that we can put their eggs under the silkies and sell some of them.

These are some of the plans we have for our homestead. I’m hoping the plans work out for us.

We will be busy. We’re opening another flea market booth in a town about fourteen miles south of us. One of us will be working every Saturday to run this booth.

There you have another long rambling post. There’s so much I want to say when I do get around to blogging. Thank you for dropping by. Please do come again.