Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter Time Quiet.

It's winter time here at Hunny Bunny Haven.  We still have our greens in the raised beds.  They are doing pretty good being covered with the row cover....At least so far. 

We are having fresh greens every so often.  Much better than store bought greens.  We know what is on them and that makes us feel more secure in eating them.

We still don't have any animals other than the three cats and two dogs.  We planned to get started back with the chickens this year but we haven't been able to do that. 

William is going to have a complete knee replacement soon and he has promised after his rehab from that we will start adding to our homestead. 

First I want to get some laying hens and some baby chicks.  Then rabbits....a buck and two does.....after that a calf and a pig.  We need to refill our freezer with safer meats. 

I also want a few goats.  Two or three would make me happy.  I'm looking for a Nubian doe and a Pygmy buck so I can breed them for Kinders.   

I wouldn't mind having a trio of Boars for selling to help pay for the other goats. 

I'd also like to have some ducks and guineas.  Maybe, some turkeys too. 
I have missed our birds.  I love the sounds of happy hens and crowing roosters, quacking ducks, honking geese, gobbling turkeys and potracking  guineas.  

I don't care to have as many birds as we had at one time but enough for eggs for us and family members and for meat. 

I'd like to learn to can meats.  Heck, I'd just like to learn to can.  I have to get rid of my fear of the pressure canner first. 

Winter time is pretty quiet around here.  I enjoy the quiet time but I'm really looking forward to being a homesteader again.  Homesteading is the life I love.