Friday, July 1, 2011

More New Hunny Bunny Haven Residents

Today while we were grocery shopping our neighbor brought five newly hatched turkeys and five guineas over. Since we were not at home he left them at my Mom's.

I wanted to order some poults but yesterday was the last day to order from the hatcheries. Also, I didn't want 15 turkeys and I didn't know anyone who would split the order with me.

I'm glad I didn't place the order now. I have the five I wanted. They are two dollars less than the hatchery poults and I got five free keets to boot!!!! Ten birds for $20.00 is a deal, I think.

The new birds:

The guineas will teach the turkeys to eat and drink. This is according to our neighbor. I hope they all survive and I have at least one hen out of the five.

Now we are set to raise our own birds (that is if there's a turkey hen). We shouldn't have to order more birds for a while. Unless we order some the last of August to put in the freezer for this winter and I am seriously considering this.

I would like to buy some quail and raise quail for our freezer too. But it's a little late for that this year I'm thinking. Gives me something to look forward to come next spring. Maybe by then we will have a pen to raise quail in. Just thinking. :)


  1. Guineas are great to keep down the bug population. They also sound an alarm when anything or anybody strange comes around. I think $20 for ten birds is a great price.

  2. You're right about the alarm. We have two adult guineas but when a stray cat or dog wonders into the yard they sound like 50. LOL

    He charged me four dollars each for the turkeys and threw in the guineas. He does that sometimes. He's brought me chicks that he didn't want to have to raise and at times when I buy chickens from him he puts an extra or two in with them. I started buying my chickens from him when we first started raising chickens. I've also bought rabbits, geese, of course guineas and once bought a goat from him.

    I hope you have a safe and fun July 45h.