Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Gardening, A Little Getting Ready For Summer And

a little getting ready for the new birds coming to live on our place.

This morning I took my winter clothes out of the closet and drawers and put the spring/summer clothes in. I'm ready now for spring to fully arrive. I will admit to leaving one sweater in the closet just in case the weather turns cold again.

After taking out clothes and putting in clothes, I went outside and we reworked a bed where I planted the yellow summer squash. I planted six hills of squash. If they do good then we should have plenty of squash.

I didn't plant the zuchinni yet. I think I'm going to put in three hills of zukes in my flower bed. I think the plants are beautiful to look at so they should look good in a flower bed.

When I finished planting the squash I took care of the rabbits and chickens. After this I set down and watch William work on the chicken tractor that we're going to put the guineas in. He's almost finished with it. He has to build them a shed to go into at night so they'll be protected from the elements.

Other than this I haven't done much today. Just a few general household chores. It's been too pretty to stay inside very long at a time.

William did cut the back yard. It's full of hen bit and chickweed so after he cut them down we fed them to the chickens. You'd thought we were serving caviar. LOL

While I was outside "watching" William work on the chicken tractor, I did sort of decide where to plant everything. I hope we can get the tomatoes and peppers in the ground next weekend.

We need to rent a tiller to till an area to plant the asparagus beans. That bed is going to be about 10' X 10'. Instead of making a raised bed we're going to make rows for these beans.

That was my Saturday. Now I'm going to watch t.v. with my honey. Unless he's watching a basketball game and then I may just go to bed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Is Over....

Our accomplishments for last week are: Loafing on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday and Thursday we finished the 4' X 16' raised bed and got it filled with soil, built two brooders (one for ducks and another for the geese I plan to order), a chicken tractor framed out just waiting on the wire (this is going to be for the guineas), a pen pretty much done for the ducks when they are old enough to go into a pen, the laying hens' pen cleaned and new bedding put in it, leaves rakes up and put in the compost, and all this was done without any mishaps. YAY!

We got in some "Moon" watching last night (Saturday), had company for lunch today and a visit this afternoon, from my friend, Leaesa who went and moved off to Kansas and her mother, Miss Clara.

It's been a nice week. I hate to see it end. Wish William could retire and be home every day.
Maybe one day. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Post Is Not About Gardening.....

But it’s about the seeds we sow…….

This afternoon I watch a rerun of Little House On The Prairie. This episode was about an overweight man whose daughter was ashamed of him. He heard her telling the mother she (the daughter) didn’t want any of the children in the town to know that the man was the girl’s father.

He in turn left and pretended to be gone to work for the railroad until he had an accident and needed surgery. The girl overheard a blind child read an essay the child had written about the overweight man. The essay was centered on the man’s kindness and gentleness and love.

The daughter realized how foolish she’d been and went to the man’s room (where he lay in a coma because of the accident and later surgery to save his life) and apologized to her father and asked him to live not for her but for the other children who loved him.

This television show set me on edge for you see I’m overweight and I deal with people making comments about my weight quite often. Comments such as “I don’t know why any man would want a fat woman.” or a comment about another person gaining so much weight that they’re “nearly as fat as you are.” or saying that they’d never say anything about one of my daughters being overweight and in the next breath ask “Have you seen _____ lately? She’s gained so much weight you wouldn’t know her.”

These comments hurt. They cut to the core because you see at one time in my life I was underweight. I starved myself to be thin so I’d be “attractive” until I became ill with a lung disease that was treated with high doses of steroids.

I gained a lot and I do mean a lot of weight during this time in my life. I’ve never lost the weight. I lost all but five pounds at which time the lung disease became active again and I had to be treated again in larger doses of steroids and for a longer period of time.

If any of you know anything about steroids you know they affect every part of the body. I have asthma cause by the steroids, I have arthritis caused by the steroids and I have fibromyalgia that there is no known cause.

I guess what I’m trying to get across to everyone is: Do not criticize another person unless you’ve walked in that person’s shoes and know what lies behind the way the person looks.
Most of us would never make a comment to a person about a large scar on their face, a birthmark that was visible or thinning hair or lip hair or anything else that a person may have that makes them less than perfect. Why do any of us think it’s alright to make comments to people who are overweight.

Before making a comment to another person about their body size maybe we should all go look in the mirror and see if our face or body is perfect.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did It Rain?

It came a gully washer. The lower part of our yard has a river running through it.

William checked the rain gauge and it showed 2.75 inches since yesterday morning at 8:30 until about 6:30 this morning.

We need the rain but I'm hoping that it soaked into the soil and didn't run off into somebody's pond. LOL

Still looks like more rain could be on the way. Then the temps are supposed to drop to freezing again. But with sunny skies.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Didn't Sprung!

I may have gotten a head start on gardening but now I may have to start over. We've been having wonderful warm temperatures here in East Central Mississippi for the last two weeks. I planted some cole crops and some came right up but........

The temperature dropped down to freezing last night so now I'm afraid to look at my little plants.

I didn't know the temps were supposed to drop like that until ten o'clock last night....too late to get everything covered.

I guess this is one of those "Live And Learn" situations. I'm hoping not too much damage is done but as William said if it is "We'll just plant over." Thanks Honey for saying "We".

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Brighten Up The Day!!!

Not that this day needs any brightening what with the sun shining brillantly. It is nice to look out the bedroom window and see the deep purple blossoms of the Japanese Magnolia (or Tulip Tree).

I enjoy seeing the yellow and white of the daffodils and forsythia blooming next to William's goldfish pond.

These vivid colors do brighten my day! I love the first blooms of springtime!!!!!