Saturday, June 18, 2011

Being A Lazy Bum.....

Or being smart? I picked the blueberries early this morning. The temps were already warm but a breeze was blowing between six and six-thirty this morning. That's when I picked the blueberries and that was the last time I ventured outside for the rest of the day.

The temps have been up near a hundred today. It's been hot inside the house so I know it's really hot outside. William has been outside several times today to see that all the animals had water.

He loves to be out in the heat. Not me. I like hugging an air conditioner. LOL At least being close enough I can feel some cool air every once in a while.

Today I did some preparation for William's Father's Day meal. I made cornbread for the dressing, cooked chicken to go in the dressing and then mixed the dressing together and put in the refrigerator. After I finished with the dressing I made a pound cake to carry to my stepfather for a Father's Day gift to him.

I did the inside chores and actually cooked three meals today. So I guess I'm not really a lazy bum. I don't enjoy the high temperatures. Nope, not one bit. But I won't complain very much because a couple of months ago I was saying just the opposite. I couldn't wait for summer to get here because I didn't enjoy those cold temperatures. Nope not one bit. I'm just like most people.....Can't be happy with what I have. :P


  1. I've been guilty of the same thing. I couldn't wait for all the snow and cold weather to be over, then complained about the never ending rain we had in April and May and not it's the hot weather.

    Be sure to keep yourself hydrated during this hot weather. Dehydration can sneak up on you if you're not careful.

  2. LOL...Glad I'm not by myself. :)