Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I've blogged. Winter time kind of throws me off my regular routine. However, the temperatures have been in the low seventies in the last few days and it feels like SPRING. I don't expect to keep these springlike temperatures very long but they're nice while they last and they make me want to garden. :)

William bought me a small greenhouse last week. He has it set up and ready for me to start seedlings for our garden and flower gardens. I want to find a nice size container and plant some mixed lettuces so we can have fresh lettuce from our own garden (or greenhouse garden). We can have salads from one pack of seeds for a couple of months if I plant every two weeks. Salads at the grocery store are expensive and the lettuces wilt and become mushy after a couple of days. YUCK!

We still have our chickens and the ones we ordered last spring are laying. We should be getting almost three dozen eggs each day but we're getting anywhere from ten up to fifteen eggs a day. It's keeping us in eggs as well as our children. That's a good thing. Eggs are expensive at the grocery store and chicken feed is expensive too. I'm glad we're not having to buy eggs during the wintertime.

William has retired from teaching. He's staying busy outside (on the days he can get outside to work) He's working on a fenced yard for our birds and building nests for the rabbits. He has both the does a nest built but my stepfather is giving us some more does so we have to build nests for them too. The does will be bred when he gives the does to us. We'll have babies running out of our ears if all four does deliver. But that's alright too. I can taste the rabbit stew or rabbit hash now. Yummmy...

I will try to be more faithful with my blogging. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you come back again. :)s to you all.