Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seeds Planted For Second Summer Garden

This week we planted bush green beans in three of our raised beds and two hills of cucumbers and four hills of yellow squash in another bed.  Now we are hoping for a late winter or at least a late killing frost. 

We still have tomatoes and peppers in the garden.  I have a plastic dishpan full of Jalapeno peppers to make sliced pickled peppers.  This is what I will be doing this afternoon.  The peppers don't have much heat but they will still be good sprinkled over peas or nachos this winter. 

I was told we have had too much rain this summer and that is why the peppers aren't hot.  I don't know about this but we have had more rain than usual so therefore it has been a lot of cloudy days and the ground has been wetter than it normally is here in Mississippi during the summertime. 

There are still a lot of blooms on the pepper plants so it may be that we will be able to harvest some of the peppers that will "set our fields on fire" after all.  It's plenty hot here today and has been the last few days and the sun has been shining down on the pepper plants.  It won't hurt to hope.

Someone called this week to offer us some Bantam roos.  We could have taken them and put them in the freezer but those little rascals are only big enough to "stink up the water". 

When we start our flocks again, I want some Coronation Sussex and Morans to raise some of the endangered breeds.  

We will be researching the birds we're interested in before buying again.  William doesn't care too much for the breeds but I do.  I research the breeds on the endangered list and those are the ones I try to buy. 

I can hardly wait to get started raising birds again.  It's most enjoyable sitting outside listening to all the noises each bird makes.   Hearing a hen sing takes me back to the days I was a very young child visiting my grandmother and when my parents had chickens.  It's such a pleasant memory and the singing hen is a happy sound.

Turkeys gobbling and guineas going wild because there's something strange in their area are two more sounds that I love.   Then there's the honking and hissing of the geese and the happy quacking of the ducks.  These sounds all make me happy.

We need to buy a few rabbits for meat.  And I would love to have some goats for milking but that's going to be a tough sell to William. 

I know we're not getting any younger and neither of us is in the best of health but we may as well enjoy our lives until the end.  I enjoy animals.  Maybe more than William but we are in this together.  He likes yard sales and flea markets and I like raising animals.  Share and share alike, I say.  :)

Thanks for coming by to see us and forgive me for the personal rambling but that is what is on my mind.....From mind to blog, I say.  Thanks and come again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day Late And A Dollar Short Or It's Been A While.

Here I am again after several months of nothing posted.  We have some of the raised beds ready to plant bush green beans, a few hills of yellow squash and two or three hills of cucumbers for some late summer vegetables. 

It's still hot and humid here during the day but the nights are pleasant.  We still have a couple of months of summer temperatures so we're expecting great things of the new vegetables we're planting.

We will have to fight bugs and worms but that's nothing new for us.  A small container with warm water, dish detergent and a few drops of vegetable oil will take care of bugs and the worms.  It will also keep the insecticides off the veggies too.

We still have tomatoes, jalapenos and bell peppers in the garden at this time.  The jalapenos aren't hot this year.  Every once in a while we find one with a little heat to it.  I'm hoping they get hotter before the summer is over. 

A friend said the peppers aren't hot because we've had so much rain this summer.  That's a good thing because we've only had to water our garden two times the whole summer.

I'm missing the birds.  I would like to start another flock around the first of the year.  Once again we'll have roosters crowing, hens singing, guineas warning us of upcoming boogies, turkeys gobbling and clucking, geese honking and working with the guineas to be a live warning system and the ducks quacking as they waddle in line to the kiddie pool for another bath. 

I'd like to get some rabbits.  We could use two does and a buck.  There may come a time that's all we'd have to eat.  We never know what is going to happen next in this old life.  Rabbit stew is good for empty tummies.

I have a new computer so maybe I can keep my blog more updated.  Also, post pictures to go along with the posts.

There we have a quick catch up on what is going on here at Hunny Bunny Haven.  Thank you for coming by and I hope you come back soon.