Sunday, May 27, 2012

What A Difference A Couple Of Weeks Can Make!

Two weeks can make a big difference. When I last posted, I put some pictures of our garden in the post. The green beans had started running but had not gotten very far up the teepee. Now they are up to the top and are blooming.


The cucumbers were running up the wire support. Now we have cucumbers about five inches long. These are the Burpless cucumbers.

The eggplants were about six inches tall but now they’re much larger and have buds on them. Soon there will be eggplants.


Zucchini and yellow squash are blooming. There are several zucchini fruits on the vines and the yellow squash….Well, what can I say. We couldn’t wait so we gathered all we could find and had them for dinner one night this last week.


There are a lot of small yellow squash on the vines now. I’ll be more patient and wait until they are larger before I pluck these off the vines.


Clusters of tomatoes are hanging on the mature vines. The seeds William planted are coming up. He put three seeds in each hill so we will have transplants.


The tomato plant that came up volunteer in the Swiss Chard is blooming and we think it’s a Tommy Toe. That one plant will be all the Tommy Toe tomatoes we need for the summer. We need sandwich size tomatoes.

William built another teepee and we have Rattlesnake beans and Mennonite Purple Stripes planted around it. When our Louisiana Purple pods are done producing the newly planted beans should be ready to start producing.


That’s the tour of our garden for today. We are still waiting for all the vegetables to get ready for eating. It won’t be long now. They will be worth the wait.

A note about the guinea that was setting. She hatched ten keets. Two have died. Some how some of them escaped their pen and one was dinner for an unknown animal and the other one drowned.

This has not been our year for poultry. Now rabbits that’s another matter. Our rabbits have lived up to the old saying “Multiplying like rabbits.” I wish the poultry and water fowl would do the same.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jan, Jan, How Does Your Garden Grow?

In raised beds, on teepees and any place else I can find to sow......

Green beans growing on a teepee and a raised bed filled with cucumbers, one potato plant and one tomato plant (the tater and mater came up volunteer).

Eggplants and a bed of zucchini

Early tomatoes, bed of yellow squash and the bed of zucchini.


Peppers (sweet bell, cayenne, jalapeno, and sweet banana), the green beans and cucumbers.

Our blueberry bushes.  We have three bushes planted in one big hole.  I wanted to put some more out this spring but didn't get to do it.  Maybe we can find some this fall and get them in the ground.  I'd love to have six more bushes.

That's all we have planted so far.  We plan to plant one or two beds of green beans on teepees.  I know we have room for one more teepee.  I'm hoping for two.

We have more tomatoes planted in the bed with the early tomatoes and plan to put some at the end of the eggplants and the jalapeno peppers.

That's our raised bed garden.   I think it looks pretty good.  Can't wait until it starts to produce fruits.  Yummy veggies and good sweet blueberries.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rain...Glorious Rain.

This morning I woke up to rain.  We've gotten a couple of light showers this last week but we haven't had "real" rain in several weeks.

Our Garden is happy for the drink of water.  The plants are standing upright and are growing.  The peppers have blooms on them and the tomatoes are fruiting.  Yipee!!!!  Tomato sandwiches in the near future or just as good we'll have fried green tomatoes.

We planted more tomatoes today and replanted some of the sunflowers that didn't germinate.  There's still enough space in two of the raised beds for more tomatoes.
We are planning to till an area to plant more green beans.  I hope we can get to that next week but the forecast calls for rain several days of the week. 

I have some Rattlesnake bean seed that I want to plant.  A late friend, Mrs. Gladys, used to plant the Rattlesnake beans and she would give me seed.  I haven't had seed for these beans in a long time.  Thanks to Martin I have some now.  :)

The goose never hatched her eggs.  Trinity cleaned the nest out last Wednesday.  Also, none of the duck eggs hatched. 

The incubators that we have do not hold the temps as they should and this is causing the eggs to not hatch.  We're going to have to give up and buy a good incubator.  I think it will pay for itself in the long run.

We do have an incubator full of hen eggs going right now.  We are more successful with hatching chickens than the ducks, geese or turkeys.

If we are going to hatch birds to sell, we're going to have to do better than what we're doing right now.

We have twenty-seven baby bunnies born this week.  This makes us a total of sixty-two rabbits!  Far too many for me!  No more breeding bunnies until we sell some of the ones we have.  I sure hope William reads this.

This is all that's happening at Hunny Bunny Haven for the week.  Thank you for dropping by and do come again.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Showers Make Jan's Garden Grow

The garden is up and growing.  William did a great job getting the beds ready and getting the seeds into the ground. 

He fertilized all the beds today.  Then after lunch we got a good rain.  I could almost see the plants growing if I looked closely enough.  LOL 

The duck eggs we have in the incubator haven't started hatching yet.  I hope they hatch.  There's a duck setting on a large clutch of eggs.  If the incubator eggs don't hatch maybe she will hatch us some ducklings.

The goose is still setting.  It's getting about time for hers to start hatching.  According to what I've read it takes about 34 days for goose eggs to hatch. 

We also have more baby rabbits on the way.  All four does are bred.  We are going to have rabbits invading all our spaces.  We already have twenty-nine baby rabbits and MORE on the way.  Help!!!!

I'm doing much better after my accident.  I'm doing all the inside chores and get to go outside every once in a while.  I have to be careful in the sun so as not to sunburn the areas that were burned in the accident. 

We're going to a large flea market here in Philly this weekend.  We have a booth there and are hoping we clear out some of the clutter from our storage building along with making a few extra bucks!

It's a busy time around here right now.  I hope to have some pictures of the garden and of our new babies to post in the near future.  I invite ya'll to check back soon and see what we've been up to.