Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Sad Time In Our Lives And Slow Start With The Gardening This Spring

I haven't posted to my blog in quite a while.  My Mom passed away on March 24th so it's not been a good spring for us.  She loved to garden and even when she was bound to wheelchair she still had large pots with tomatoes, cucumbers and squash planted in them.  She could work the vegetables by rolling her chair up to the planters to weed and water.

It's a hard time in my life.  I miss her very much.  People keep telling me that Mom had a long, good life (she was 88 years old) but I don't think we are ever ready to let a loved one go home. 

When I look outside at our garden I always think of Mom and her love of gardening.

Our weather has slowed the garden down this spring.  We had cool weather through the middle of May.  We got the seeds in the soil but some of them didn't come up and had to be replanted.  Those that did come up didn't want to grow. 

Now that the weather has warmed up a lot everything is growing but it's still behind what we usually have this time of the year.  No tomatoes yet, no squash yet and no cucumbers. 

The tomatoes are blooming, the squash has baby squash on them but the cucumbers......Well, I've about lost hope for them.  They are still about four inches tall and not growing much at all.

My biggest worry with the squash and cucumbers now are squash borers.  Since the temps have gotten warmer the borers will be out in full force.  I'm afraid all the work we've done and all the waiting we've done will be in vain. 

The green beans are running up the stakes but there's no blooms on them yet.  We usually visit my Louisiana Aunts and Uncles about this time of the year and we always take them fresh veggies.  Not so this year!

We sold all of our birds.  The only animals we have now is our little Shih Tzu, Sakura and the two cats, Tomomi and Fanchi. 

William is still having a lot of problems with his knee.  It was hard for him to do any work with the animals.  I'm hoping to get some more chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and guineas a little later on; then again we may never get animals again because we lost so many to predators. 

That's the update from Honey Bunny Haven.  I hope everyone is having a good spring growing season and will be able to harvest a lot of vegetables.

See you next time.  Bye for now!