Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gonna Be Late....

We're going to be late with our fall gardening. William made some beds for fall cukes and squash but then the rain set in and we haven't been able to get the seeds planted. If I can get the seeds in the ground next week maybe we can have fresh squash and cucumbers until frost but after next week I can hang it up. It will definitely be too late.

We don't have a bed made for the lettuces nor the swiss chard, spinach, mustard, kale and collard plants. That needs to be done within the next two weeks or we won't be getting many salads from the lettuce. The other greens can survive some cold but not the extreme temps. Oh, that's right we don't have extreme temps here do we? OOPS!!!!

We are still harvesting green beans, butter beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and will have some more peas by next week. We have been able to save on our grocery bill while enjoying the fresh veggies.

I always hate to see summer draw to a close. I miss the fresh veggies after summer has ended. Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are missed more than any others. I have never been able to find these three vegetables in a grocery store that taste like the real thing. Real thing being those that we grow in our garden. Another thing about store bought tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers is I just don't know what they were fertilized with nor what has been sprayed on them. Sure makes the next summer seem so far away.

I wish I had a green house that was heated where I could grow vegetables during the winter. That would take a good size area for a large green house. Neither of which we have.

I do have a small green house frame if I could just get the corrugated materials to go on the top and sides of it. I don't have any idea where to look for the materials. Maybe we can find some thick plastic to cover the frame with this fall. It won't hurt to try this and if it doesn't work then we can look further.

That's about all the happenings at Hunny Bunny Haven. The two little ducklings that have survived so far are growing. The three baby chicks that William got to hatch are growing. So are the chicks that we ordered from Murray McMurray the end of March. The chicks we ordered should start laying by the end of this month. Fingers crossing!!!!!

No baby bunnies. We still have the five bunnies that we had when spring began. I still want to get some new ones to raise our own rabbit meat. I guess I need to get serious about this if I'm ever going to do anything. It won't happen if I don't make it happen.

Thanks for dropping in. Come back again.