Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veggies Still Blooming

The zucchini are still blooming. There's a few blooms on the yellow squash but that's all....just blooms.

We've had some temps down near freezing. The low temps didn't seem to hurt the squash but they did a number on the cucumbers and green beans. Those plants are withered.

I guess the garden season is over for us this year. I was lazy and never did get the greens planted. I am thinking of putting some flower pots in the south window of the kitchen. I may try my hand at growing lettuces, kale and chard inside. It's not going to hurt to try and if it works then we'll have fresh greens and if it doesn't work then I'll know next time to get busy and plant the seeds outside.

The animals are doing good. No more varmint invasions since the guineas were killed. We've have some o'possums come prowling around but they didn't leave. All the predators will soon be hibernating and then maybe we can sleep a few nights without the baby monitor.

Since the time change, Mr. Rooster is all mixed up. He crows at three-thirty every morning. Then he crows around four-thirty and finishes out the "Wake-UP" at five-thirty. I guess he wants to be sure he's crowing at the right time. LOL