Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goings on....

Yesterday we moved the goslings to the brooder. They are doing good. They're even eating better. We still have a light on them but with the temps as high as they have been the last few days I'm not sure if a light is needed. We will leave it on for a few more days to be sure the little rascals have enough warmth. If the temp gets too high the brooder is large enough the goslings can get away from the heat of the light.

William removed the old squash vines to the compost pile late this afternoon. Then he reworked the bed. Tomorrow afternoon we plan to transplant the rest of the sweet potatoes into that bed.
We'll have an approximate total of sixty square feet planted in sweet potatoes. While that's not very large it's more than we've ever planted before.

I hope the sweet potatoes will produce enough potatoes for us to eat this winter. We enjoy baked sweet potatoes but we don't eat them every day nor every week. A bushel of sweet potatoes will last us all winter. Keeping my fingers crossed.

That's it for now. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I love sweet potatoes and would love to be able to store them for the winter. We don't have a basement or root cellar though. I cut up sweet potatoes and fry them along with my white potatoes. They add a bit of color and flavor.

  2. We like sweet potatoes too. I've never thought of putting the two potatoes together. How do you cook them? As french fries or cubed or?