Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Rainy Season

We're having some heavy rains in our area for the past few days. I'm not complaining at all. I know when July gets here I'll be wishing for rain.

William is still working on the chicken yard. He's doing a great job but gets frustrated because it's slow go. The fence is between eight and ten feet high so as to keep out most predators. All, maybe, except the flying ones. But we haven't had too many hawks around in the last couple of years. We seldom hear an owl either.

Our two rabbit does had kits last week. One had nine and one had five. The one that had nine lost all of hers even though we've made a new bed for her and the babies. The brown one (Cocoa) lost two of hers. She still has three live babies. It's disappointing but at least we have three living. That's better than what we've been getting our of their deliveries. Usually, none live.

My stepfather gave us his two does and a buck. Both does are bred so we're hoping that they will give us some babies. William had to rework some cages for the does but we have them taken care of. I wasn't too keen on getting more rabbits but William seemed to like the idea so we have three more to add to the three we already had. If they don't produce, we're going to have to get rid of them. Food is too expensive to feed pets. We need some young ones to put in our freezer and to sell. All we can do is try.

We haven't begun gardening yet. It is getting about that time. We have a chicken tractor with two hens and a rooster that we're moving around to the raised beds and letting them eat the chickweed that springs up every winter in our garden. They've done a great job and have fertilized the beds also. The hens are laying too. Now those are the kind of animals I don't mind feeding. :)

We are planning to try to root some roses, forsythia, gardenias, hydrangeas, snowball bushes and anything else I can find in the yard that I think I can root. If we can get a good many of them to root, we plan to take them to a flea market to see if we can sell them. That is something we need to do when we come home from our visit with my Daddy's brothers and sister.

Along with the flowers I may plant some herbs and see if I can sell those also. It will be something for me to do and maybe we can make a little extra money with it.

Well, that's about all that's going on at Hunny Bunny Haven. I hope you all will come back again soon. Thanks for stopping by.