Sunday, August 21, 2011

One Less Chore Waiting To Be Finished

Today the turkeys moved into their new home. Now they have a pen to run around and fly around in. They didn't seem very happy about the move at first but when I went back out to check on them they had adjusted well to the new surroundings.

We need to build a tractor for the young guineas so they can go live under the pine trees and be extra "Tickanators" for us. They are loud little rascals. The two older ones we hardly notice they're around but those four younger ones can be heard all over the place. They sure make their presence known. LOL

The young pullets are molting. I hope that means they'll begin laying in a few weeks. I'm eager to start gathering the eggs. It would be nice if every one of them would lay every day. We'd get two dozen eggs just from them each day. There would be enough eggs to sell once the younger hens' eggs are added to the Buttercup hens' eggs.

I can be like my Grandmother Rushing when the younger hens begin to lay. I'll have my cookie jar with the egg money in it. :)

The green beans are bowing up out of the ground. We still don't have the other bed planted. I was hoping to get that done this weekend but sometimes there's changes made to our plans. This was one of those weekends. Maybe we can put some greens in the other bed. Turnips would be good! So would collard greens or kale.

The tomato plants are blooming and there's some small tomatoes on them. I hope the frost holds off until about the middle of November. I'm probably hoping in vain but it doesn't ever hurt to hope.

That's about all that we having going on around here. Thanks for dropping in. Please do come back for another visit soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early Morning Gardening

The temps have been cooler the last few mornings so it's been easier to get outside to work. This morning I hoed and fertilized the yellow squash, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes. Then I planted a four foot by twenty foot bed of bush green beans. AND then it RAINED!!!! Perfect timing.

We still have another bed to get ready to plant more green beans. I'm hoping that we will have fresh beans until frost and that I'll have enough to put more in the freezer or can some of them.

When the rain stops I need to gather the peppers. Sure wish I knew someone who would take these peppers. I've already put some bell peppers in the freezer and canned jalapeno and cayenne peppers. We don't need anymore pickled hot peppers but I guess I will can them because I don't want them to waste.

There you have it! All the exciting news from Hunny Bunny Haven. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot and Dry!

It's still hot and dry here at Hunny Bunny Haven even though we did get some rain last week. It takes a lot more water for raised beds than rows. At least that is my thinking.

The cucumbers and zucchini are up but the yellow squash didn't come up very good. I saw two plants out of the six hills we planted. In the morning will be replanting time.

William pulled up the pole beans (Louisiana Purple Pods) and the tomato vines that had died back. We're (or I'm) going to plant some Blue Lake bush type green beans in both beds. I talked to a lady at the county agent's office and she said according to the info she had bush type green beans can be planted through August and produce before frost. We should have four thirty-six foot rows of green beans. I hope they produce good and I can get some more beans put up for winter.

William and I are talking about going back to rows instead of the raised beds. I love my raised beds because they're so much easier to work but it takes so much more water to keep them well watered and raised bed do not produce as large a crop as rows do. If we decide to go back to row gardening, we're going to till up the garden and cover it with leaves and chicken/rabbit manure. Then we will cover it with black row covers to rid the area of weeds (I hope). If we do this maybe next spring we will have good, soft, pliable soil instead of the hard, clay, gravel laden soil we have now.

We have the pen almost ready to move the turkeys and the guineas into. The door is ready but has to be hung and then we will move a rooster and hen we have into that pen, clean out the pen where those two chickens are now and then move the turkeys and guineas into the old chicken pen. The pen that the chickens are in at this time has a tin top on it. The turkeys won't drown when it rains in this pen.

Life is knd of boring here right now. It's too hot to do very much outside. At least I'm getting the inside chores caught up. I'm looking forward to cooler weather of which some is supposed to be coming into our area next week. The night time temps will be down in the low to mid sixties. About a fifteen degree drop for nights. The temp should be a lot lower in the mornings when I get up so I can get outside and do some work before it gets too warm.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you'll come back again soon. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Second Summer Garden Going In

William and I planted yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet basil and parsley Sunday afternoon. After we got the seeds in the ground a good rain fell. I'm hoping that the rain will bring the seed up quickly.

The soil won't stay damp long though. Not with the hundred degree temps we're having now. Every day this week the temperatures are supposed to reach 99-100 with heat indexes between 110-115. Today the heat index was 108 degrees.

Enough about the heat. It's going to be around for a while. Back to the gardening.....The squash, zukes, cukes, peppers and tomatoes should produce for a while before it begins to get cool here. I would still like to make another planting of green beans but we don't have a bed made for them and since school has started I don't look to get a bed made for them.

I'll be happy if the squash, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes produce a good crop for us.

We should be seeing some baby bunnies arriving in the next couple of days. Everything is set up for them. I hope that the temps aren't so hot that they won't live. We're not having very good luck with raising rabbits. It would be nice to have at least ten to go in the freezer for this winter. I guess we will just play the wait and see game. :)

The turkeys are growing so fast. They are about ready to move into a new pen. The guineas will probably stay in the brooder for a while longer even though they have grown quite a bit also.

I was checking the turkeys out Sunday afternoon. I think we have one tom and maybe the other four are hens. That would be very nice. We could raise some for the freezer next spring.

I'd love to see our freezer full of homegrown turkeys, rabbits and chickens. Throw some deer meat into the mix and we'd be set. Another game of wait and see.

We haven't had rain in two days now. There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. If it doesn't rain in the next couple of days I will need to water the ground that is newly planted so it will remain moist enough for the seed to sprout and come on up.

That's life here at Hunny Bunny Haven. It's kind of lonesome around here since William has gone back to school but we're looking forward to Christmas break when he plans to retire. Yipee!!!!