Friday, June 10, 2011

Only Two Goslings Now.....

This morning one of the goslings was a little droopy. I checked it out and couldn't see anything wrong with it. A few minutes later I went to check on it and it was dead. :(

I always feel so bad when we lose one of our animals. I know it happens but I still feel responsible. I wonder what I could have done differently.

One of our little chicks flew out of the coop a couple of nights ago when William was giving them fresh water. We searched all around the place and couldn't find it. I figured the poor little thing was dinner for some critter. BUT....yesterday when we came back from Meridian the chick was in the roosters' pen. Now it's safely back with the rest of the chicks. :)

We found one gone astray and lost one. I guess that's the way life goes.

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