Friday, June 17, 2011

The Garden Is O.K.!!!

One of the first things I did this morning after getting out of bed was to look out the back door at the garden. Some of the peppers were leaning a bit but nothing dramatic! Even with the winds we had last night no plants were damaged. That my friends, is a good thing. :)

I had planned to transplant the rest of the sweet potatoes slips and the Mariana's Conflict tomato plants but William had other plans. He set fire to the pile of limbs and brush in the pasture area and there's been so much smoke that I have stayed in all day. Maybe the smoke will be cleared out by tomorrow and I can get all the rest of the transplants moved tomorrow afternoon.

I noticed that the asparagus beans are blooming. We should have some of those "LONNNNNGGGG" beans in a week or so. I cut these beans and dump them into boiling water for a couple of minutes, then they go into a ice bath and out of that to be dried off. After I get the water off them I put them into a little olive oil and garlic and sautee them for a few minutes. They're delicious cooked this way. They still have a little crunch to them and the olive oil and garlic give them a great flavor.

William pulled some green tomatoes this morning. I will be making green tomato BLTs for lunch tomorrow. YUMO!

Nothing exciting going on today. Just the same old, same old.....Cook, eat, wash dishes, cook, eat, wash dishes, cook, eat....well you get the picture.

Tomorrow I will be getting food prepared for William's Father's Day dinner. Roast turkey breast, dressing, peas, corn, mashed potatoes (or potato salad) and strawberry pie are on the menu.

That's it for the day. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and all you fathers will have a happy and blessed Father's Day. :)s to all of you.

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