Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wintertime Dreaming.

I got a new heirloom seed catalog and two new poultry catalogs in the last week.  Now is the time to start planning and dreaming about springtime. 

I have some Speckled Sussex, Americanas and Cuckoo Morans picked out to raise for eggs.  Then we will order twenty-five for the freezer as well. 

Once we get the twenty-five fed out and in the freezer I want to order 25 more to grow out and get in the freezer before next fall.  That should give us enough chicken for a while.  I will cut the chickens in half and we will have more than enough for a meal.

I may put some of the chickens in the freezer and learn to can the others.  That's been on my bucket list for a while.  Since I'm not getting any younger it's time to tick this one off the bucket list.  LOL

I've joined a homesteading group that is located here in Mississippi.  I'm learning a lot from them.   

I've been gardening for years but I have learned some new tricks of the trade from the Mississippi people.  Maybe,  it's because we are in the same area and we've learned how to do things here that won't work in another area.

I hope to save seed this year so we will have our own heirloom seed for planting.  We will have to plant the seeds I plan to save away from the regular garden and protect them from cross pollinations. 

At this time, I'm doing research on how to keep the seeds pure.   I'm looking forward to doing this and learning more about gardening.

The seed catalog I got this week is one for heirloom seeds.  Those seed aren't cheap so I will have to save our seeds because it would get expensive to order from this company every year.

It's pretty cold out there today.  Thirty-two degrees and it's ten o'clock.  According to the weather guy today will feel like a heat wave compared to in the morning when it's supposed to be nine degrees.

Oh well, gives me more time to plan and dream.  Nothing like it other than the actual doing!!!