Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walking Around The Garden

I took a walk through the raised beds this morning on my way to feed the ducklings. The asparagus beans are all coming up. The other vegetables are growing but there's no blooms on any of them yet. Maybe it won't be long before I start seeing the promise of fruits from our labor.

The green beans have taken to the stakes and are "moving on up" as George Jefferson liked to say. LOL

I would like to get the Marianna's Conflict tomato seed in some soil today. I don't know if that will happen or not since I seem to have a case of "The Dragging Around" today. I'm going to try to get at least this accomplished.

After I get these seeds in the ground that will be all of the planting that we plan to do. Even though, I would love to have a patch of field peas but William says there's no where to plant them and he's not planning to prepare a space for them. I guess we'll try to buy peas at the Farmers' Market this year.

I did forget that we still have the sweet potatoes to put out. That's something we need to get ready this weekend if the weather permits.

Anyway, the garden is coming along and I'm looking forward to the fresh vegetables. That's it from Hunny Bunny Haven for today. I hope you all are having a warm and sunny day wherever you are. :)

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