Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Chores Are Out Of The Way

This morning I worked in the garden. The Asparagus Beans are hoed, the okra is hoed and thinned to where there are only two plants in a hill, and the peppers are hoed and dirt pulled up around them. The rest of the plants in the garden are too large to get the hoe in between them without breaking the plants.

Tomorrow morning I plan to give all the garden plants another drink of "Manure Tea". It will need another drink in about two weeks. I'm hoping that because I'm being so nice to the vegetables that they will in turn be nice to me by rewarding me with a big crop this year.

Yesterday I planted some Marianna's Conflict tomato seed. If they come up (some of the seed are about five years old) the plants should be ready to put in the ground by the middle of June.

The Marianna's are going in the front yard with the zucchini. I want to save some of the seed this year so I'm keeping them away from the other tomatoes.

Aside from gardening this morning, I cleaned the brooder so the little chicks can move out of the house into their brooder. We will get that done this afternoon when William gets home and can help me get the light set up to keep the chicks warm.

I fed the ducks this morning...AGAIN! They are most likely out of food again by now. I will check on their water in a little while. They are growing like weeds but then again they should be....They eat like "oinks".

There it morning in a nutshell. Well the outside work anyway. Thanks for dropping by. Come again now, ya hear. :)

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