Monday, May 9, 2011

A Husband's Gift To His Wife...

We planted hostas in a pine thicket near the road. Well, unfortunately as one ages the less one can do therefore I wanted the hostas moved closer to the house in order to keep them watered and fertilized as they need it.

For Mother's Day my wonderful husband took a shovel and dug an area by our front porch to put the hostas and some ferns. He worked most of the day on Saturday before Mother's Day getting the flower bed ready. Then he helped me move the hostas and ferns, raked pine straw (and clean all the limbs and pinecones out of the straw) to put around the hostas.
Photobucket The east end of the bed is in the morning sun but not the afternoon sun. The larger of the hostas (in back) is Sum and Substance. We may have to move some of the other plants as this one grows because it can get as large as five feet across.

Photobucket This is the middle of the bed. The turtle was given to me for Mother's Day several years ago by Trinity. Trinity stayed with me in my daycare from the time she was three weeks old until she started to school. She is also the Goddaughter of our daughter Sandi and her husband, Richard.

The west end of the bed wraps around to the steps. It also has the lighter colored (or varigated) hostas since it gets a little more sun than the others.

This is why I say that I don't want expensive gifts but I do require a lot of "Elbow Grease".

I thank you Sweetie for all your hard work and your willingness to work in flowerbeds. I know that I am blessed. :)

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