Friday, May 20, 2011

The Chicks Are In Their New Home

We moved the chicks into the outside brooder this afternoon. They seemed to be settling in pretty good when we left them.

They're sort of skiddish. I don't know why they are because they've been around us every since they arrived. But I can walk up to them and they take off running and trying to fly. I read about people who have chickens that sit on their shoulder, fly into their laps or come to them when they go outside but all we've ever had run away when we go around where they are. I guess we're just scarey. :)

Next week we plan to finish up the duck pen and get them ready to move into the pen. They are about to out grow their brooder. William opened the partition between two brooders to make more room for the ducklings but there's still not enough room for all the ducklings.

I don't know if they will be warm enough unless we put a light in the pen to keep them warm. They still don't have feathers. They've got a few tail feathers and that's it.

We are going to get the raised bed ready to plant the sweet potatoes next week too. The sweet potato seedling are beginning to run so it's time to get them in their own bed.

Well, there we have the updates on Hunny Bunny Haven. Nothing much going on today.
I've had a song on my mind this afternoon...."It's summer time and the living is easy"....I don't think so. It's summer time and this is the time of year that we are busiest around here. Even though today was an easy, summery day. :)

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