Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Our plan was to have fresh vegetables and that is what we're beginning to have. We've gathered a few yellow squash this week. They've been so good. There's just nothing like the first fresh vegetables of summer.

Today when I was watering and feeding the ducklings and young chicks, I noticed a lot of blooms on the cucumber vines. Now I'll be cucumber watching. Cucumber watching goes along with tomato watching and pepper watching. I'm already doing the tomato and pepper watching.

The green beans have buds on them. We should be having blooms very soon and then VOILA...fresh green beans.

The potatoes are blooming. Maybe the potatoes will be ready the same time the green beans are ready. Green beans and little potatoes....I can taste them now.

The zucchini are blooming too. In fact most everything in the garden is beginning to bloom except the okra. It still has a long way to go before it's big enough to bloom The okra was the last thing we planted.

Fresh vegetables make enduring the heat and humidity of the south worth it. I know I could have vegetables if I lived in the northern part of the United States but the growing season isn't nearly as long as what we have here. I'll just wipe the sweat and keep on keeping on. :)

One thing I enjoy most about our garden is that there are no chemical fertilizers nor chemical insecticides on our vegetables....Just healthy, wholesome food.

I probably sound food crazy but I'm really not. I enjoy having foods I know are healthy for my family.

The ducklings and chicks are growing like gang busters. The ducklings will have to wait until next week to get into their new pen. William had to have a little surgery done on his shoulder to remove an infected cyst. He has to stay inside out of the heat and humidity for a few days. That's what he's supposed to do....getting him to do it is another matter.

I hope all of you are safe from the storms. I'll be looking forward to your visit again very soon, :)

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