Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Fred And Ethel

This is Fred and Ethel (so named by William because guineas get all excited about every little thing like Fred and Ethel on I Love Lucy). Of course, this couple hasn't been grumbling or fussing. After all they have their brand new home with a screened in porch in which they are privileged to live.

There's plenty of food and water along with all the ticks they can eat. They don't have anything to grumble about. :)

Also, there's not been any unwelcomed visitors so far. Even though when I went out to make the pictures a stray cat was lurking about. He decided he didn't want to hang around with the guineas if I was going to be visiting.

Other things going on at Hunny Bunny Haven are: Sweet potatoes are bedded for "slips" to plant later on., the duck pen is coming along and the new raised bed is ready to plant tomatoes as soon as the temps decide to be spring like.

The night time temperatures are supposed to dip down in the thirties again Wednesday. I don't expect frost but want to be safe so the tomatoes will have to wait until this weekend.

That's about all that's going on around here. I hope spring has come to your neck of the woods and I hope it stays for a while.

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