Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Few More Spring Time Blooms

Running rose on arbor,

Martha Gonzales Rose.

Mutabilus Rose,

Purple Verbena.

Miss Gladys' English Dogwood

The Miss Dorothy Iris.

Most of the flowers I have in my yard are from friends. The purple iris is from a dear, sweet lady named Miss Dorothy. She gave me the iris and it didn't bloom for serveral years. The year she died the iris bloomed. It's bloomed beautifully since. Each time I see that deep purple blossom I'm reminded of what a a precious person Miss Dorothy was. She'll live on in the blooms of the iris and of course in my heart.

The English Dogwood (or Mock Orange) and the purple Verbena were pass-along plants from a friend who I miss every day. My Miss Gladys gave me these plants. There are so many plants in our yard that she gave me that I can see her everywhere I turn. The blooms bring a smile to my face but I still get teary when I think about not being able to share these blooms with her. She was like a mother to me and I will always miss her.

Some of the roses I bought from a man who calls himself "Dr. Dirt" and does he knows how to raise plants! There's no mulch, no straw, no artifical dirt and no weeds growing in his garden. The plants are healthy and vigorous. I love to walk through his garden with him. It's been a while since William and I have visited Dr. Dirt. It's about time for another visit.

The roses, Mutabilus (has different color blooms), Martha Gonzales (Burgundy red blooms and a very small plant) and the rose on the arbor (Pale pink blooms that smell like old timey roses smelled) all came from Dr. Dirt. I've had them for several years and they are still as healthy now as when I bought them.

The yellow squash finally came up. They've been planted at least two weeks. I suppose the temps got too low for the seed to germinate. Five of the six hills I planted came up. I guess I'll replant that one. :)

I hope you all enjoyed your walk around our yard as much as I do. Come back to see us anytime. :)


  1. The pictures are beautiful. My iris are only three inches tall so it will be a while before I see blooms from them.

  2. Thank you Granny. I love irises. I only have three colors and they're all pass-along plants from Mrs. Gladys and Mrs. Dorothy. The white one bloomed the end of February. There's a yellow one that doesn't bloom until around the first of May and then of course the puple one.

    Thanks for coming by to read my blog. I just realized that I never posted the picture of William. LOL