Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day Filled With Sunshine.....

And a raised bed filled with pepper plants. This morning I set four each of sweet banana, sweet bell, jalapeno, cayenne and hot banana pepper plants in a large raised bed. The earth is rich with organic materials and still good damp from the rain on Monday evening. I'm looking forward to loads of peppers from these plants. I pickle peppers and dice peppers to freeze each summer. If I have enough peppers this summer I may try canning some pepper relish. The squash have grown almost two inches since I worked around them getting the soil lose around the little plants. Some of the tomato plants have jumped at least three inches. It's a big change each morning as I walk through the raised beds checking out the plants and looking to see if any of the seeds planted are beginning to come out of the ground. Spring is a very exciting time for me. I love to get up and walk through the vegetable garden in the cool of the morning.


  1. I love spring when the new plants peek through the soil. Sounds like your garden has a good start. Still too wet and cold here to plant tomatores or peppers yet.

  2. I hope the weather will warm up soon so you can get your plants in the ground.

    Spring is my favorite season. Everything just seems so alive. :)