Saturday, April 30, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!

Today William and I worked on the flowerbeds. With all the rain we've had (I'm not complaining about the rain because we really need it) the weeds and grass had gotten out of control. There's Nut grass every where and pulling that stuff up is like pulling teeth.

We got one of the beds cleaned. I want to get the soil loosened up so I can sow some zinnias, marigolds, cosmos and some other annuals to brighten up the spot by the fence. There's gladiolas, day lillies, correopsis, sedum and some wild flowers in the bed but I want some that bloom all summer.

Tomorrow after church, I want to get all the manure around the veggies and finish up the bed for the asparagus beans. I would like to get them planted tomorrow afternoon. If not tomorrow, the seeds need to be in the ground by Monday at the latest.

William put cages around the tomatoes today. I hope that they are sturdy enough to hold the plants up. I would be very disheartened if the cages blow over and take the tomato plants with them. What with the weather we've had in the last few weeks that is a possibility.

That's it for our day. Doesn't sound like we got very much accomplished but we did!!!!


  1. That sounds like a lot to me! I hope your tomato cages don't blow over. We've had some winds that take almost anything that's not nailed down. Have a great day and enjoy your church services.

  2. I felt like it was a lot but it just didn't look like a lot. LOL

    We had Memorial Day at the church where my Dad and our Grandson are buried. Memorial Day is kind of sad to me even though I have wonderful memories of my Dad. Our Grandson was stillborn so I never got to hold him. I know one day though I will get to see my Daddy and Jamie again. What a day that will be. :)