Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose.....

Or is it? I walk around our yard with a camera a lot. Can you tell? I'm posting a few more pictures of the roses blooming in our yard.

The beauty on the top is called "A Mother's Love". This rose was given to me for Mother's Day several years ago by Lisa (My daughter), Todd and Meagen. It's a beautiful peachy color and it blooms each year no matter how neglected it is.

Second picture: This is the arbor that is over the walkway to our front porch. This rose came from Doctor Dirt (Leon Goldbury). He thought it was Prosperity but then he came back and said that wasn't the name. I don't know the official name...I just call it gorgeous and smells so good. It's always covered with blossoms every spring and will have a few blooms on it all through the summer months.

Third picture: I have no idea what the name of this rose is. The rose was here when we bought the place. Every few years we cut it back almost to the ground and it rewards us for several years with pretty purple blooms. There's just one thing about this rose, the thorns are like daggers. I don't touch it, I just enjoy it's beauty.

Bottom: I don't remember what the name of this rose is either. William bought it for me about fifteen years ago at a big box building supply store. For several years it didn't do much but this year it is making up for those years. Not only does it have large white blooms on it, they smell heavenly.

There's more but I won't bore you all any more with the flowers blooming in our yard. I love walking around looking at them and snapping a picture or two or three or fifty. LOL I hope you all enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoy making them and as much as I enjoy the beauty of the rose bushes.

A note about the vegetable garden. I walked through the garden this morning and the greenbeans are beginning to sprout and the cucumbers are coming up. I haven't checked on the zucchini yet but I'm hoping when I do I will find them sticking their little heads up out of the dirt too.

We're supposed to get some rain tonight and tomorrow so maybe the rain will bring the seed on up out of the ground.

We still have the Asparagus beans, okra and sweet potatoes to plant. But as cool as it's been the last few days I think we have time.

Thanks for dropping by again. I hope you enjoyed your visit and y'all come back now...ya hear?

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