Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Gardening, A Little Getting Ready For Summer And

a little getting ready for the new birds coming to live on our place.

This morning I took my winter clothes out of the closet and drawers and put the spring/summer clothes in. I'm ready now for spring to fully arrive. I will admit to leaving one sweater in the closet just in case the weather turns cold again.

After taking out clothes and putting in clothes, I went outside and we reworked a bed where I planted the yellow summer squash. I planted six hills of squash. If they do good then we should have plenty of squash.

I didn't plant the zuchinni yet. I think I'm going to put in three hills of zukes in my flower bed. I think the plants are beautiful to look at so they should look good in a flower bed.

When I finished planting the squash I took care of the rabbits and chickens. After this I set down and watch William work on the chicken tractor that we're going to put the guineas in. He's almost finished with it. He has to build them a shed to go into at night so they'll be protected from the elements.

Other than this I haven't done much today. Just a few general household chores. It's been too pretty to stay inside very long at a time.

William did cut the back yard. It's full of hen bit and chickweed so after he cut them down we fed them to the chickens. You'd thought we were serving caviar. LOL

While I was outside "watching" William work on the chicken tractor, I did sort of decide where to plant everything. I hope we can get the tomatoes and peppers in the ground next weekend.

We need to rent a tiller to till an area to plant the asparagus beans. That bed is going to be about 10' X 10'. Instead of making a raised bed we're going to make rows for these beans.

That was my Saturday. Now I'm going to watch t.v. with my honey. Unless he's watching a basketball game and then I may just go to bed.


  1. Hope your weather holds out for you. I put our winter clothes away last Monday when it was 74º and the next day it was 34º. Good luck with your garden this year.

  2. Granny, when I got up the next day it was cold again. I had to dig out some of the longer sleeve blouses. It was cool the whole week and we have temps in the thirties predicted for this week (4-3 to 4-9). Spring will come!