Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Trouble" Is In Deep Trouble

This afternoon when William fed the chickens Trouble jumped on him. William has a spur cut just above the ankle. Trouble signed his death certificate when he did this. No mean roos are allowed to stay at Hunny Bunny Haven. Not for long anyway.

I have a feeling that Mr. Trouble will meet his demise come the weekend. I am thinking chicken and dumplings sound delicious.

I hate that Trouble has turned out to be a mean roo. I love the Barred Rock breed of chickens and would love to incubate some of our eggs. The hens are wonderful. It's just that dadblasted rooster couldn't keep his spurs to himself.

All I have to say to Mr. Trouble is, "You were warned. You didn't heed the warning so now you pay the price".


  1. Hey Jan,
    Sorry to hear about your TROUBLE. I hope your husband recovers quickly. I have a couple of Dark Cornish roos living dangerously right now.

    I saw you blog in you Signature line on Homesteading Today, and I glad I came to take a look. My family and I strive to live a simple life as well. I was stationed in MS while I was in the Air Force, both at Keesler and at Columbus AFB. Both of our children were born in Amory, MS. I look forward to reading more.


  2. Great Blog, glad I popped over from HT to read!

    Seems that it was always my favorite/prettiest roo that turns out to have a case of the meanies!
    I'm sorry to hear that's it's happened with Trouble!

  3. Thanks Brad.

    We are still working on being more self-sufficient. It seems to be never ending. LOl

    Columbus Air Force base is around 80 miles from where we are located. We've been to Keesler several times with the Special Olympics State Competitions. When we went with the Special Olympics we stayed on base. We were always treated like royality. :)

    Come back and visit anytime.