Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost a chick

Today we had some thunderstorms move through our area. Our electricity flickered on and off a few times.

Each time the electricity would flicker, the baby chicks sounded like they were in a stampede. I checked on them and they were running around in the box like scared little mice. I tried to talk to them and calm them down.

When the storm was over and the flickering had stopped, I had a dead baby in the box. It looked like it had been run over by the other twenty-six chicks.

I hate losing baby chicks of any breed. This one was one of the buttercups.

I guess it doesn't matter how well you care for your animals there are things that happen beyond your control. Maybe, I should have unplugged their light but then the thunder was very loud so I am not sure if it was the on and off of the power or the noise of the thunder or a combination of both.

It still makes me sad to lose an animal.

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