Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Goings On At Hunny Bunny Haven!

I haven't blogged in several days so now it's time to catch up on the "goings on" around Hunny Bunny Haven.

William has the new rabbit pens almost finished. We will be moving the two pet rabbits into their new homes in the next couple of days. The other three rabbits will be sent to Freezer Camp asap. We then plan to purchase two new Californian does and a buck to have for breeding meat rabbits. I will be happy to sell a few if we have the extras. Selling off the extras will help with feed costs.

The garden greens are growing. Plenty of the seeds germinated. I think I am going to have to get out there and thin some of the seedlings but I am waiting until they get a little larger so we can have a salad from the thinnings.

The baby chicks are scheduled to arrive next Monday, March 30th. I am so looking forward to these new little cheeps. I have ten Buttercup pullets and two Buttercup roos and ten Araucanas/Americanas pullets and three roos coming in this order.

Araucanas/Americanas are better known as Easter Eggers because the egg's shell is similar in color to Easter eggs. Blues, greens, blue-green and green with brown spots are some of the colors the Araucanas/Americanas lay. It will be fun gathering brightly colored eggs each afternoon.

I ordered the Buttercup because it's a critically endangered breed of chicken. Also, these chicks were ordered for their white eggs. Some people prefer their eggs to have white shells.

We still have some work to do on the brooder for the new chicks but we should be able to get that done in an hour or two. It will be ready for the babies when they arrive.

There is another order that is scheduled to arrive in May that contains fifteen turkeys and ten ducks. Three ducks are the Khaki Campbell breed. This breed is my favorite. I had a trio of the Khaki Campbell but some wild animals had them for dinner one night. The trio that is on order is to replace the "murdered" trio.

I hope to keep six of the turkeys and sell the other nine. I plan to put six turkeys in our freezer for winter foods.

Back to the garden, William tilled the rest of our garden space last Saturday. Now it's ready to make into beds so as to get the summer veggies planted about the middle of April.

Well, folks that's about all that is happening on our little acreage at this time.
Check back later for more exciting news from Hunny Bunny Haven.

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  1. Oh, Jan, look out for those turkeys! Our two Blue Slate toms took off when the high winds we had the other night totally ripped the door off their coop.

    Took two days and a couple of helpful neighbors to get those bad boys corralled. I was so hoping to free range them, but that may not be the best idea.

    And oh... I have 5 more straight run Blue Slate poults coming from Cackle next week.

    This does not bode well. LOL!