Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Spinach and Baby Swiss Chard join other greens

One of the first things I did this morning is check on my greens that William and I planted about a week and half ago. The spinach is coming up and so is the swiss chard. From the amount of little seedlings I have a good stand of both. This is good since I've had trouble getting spinach to germinate most every time that it's been planted. Maybe, this time I have hit the jackpot!

Fresh spinach salad or sauteed swiss chard in a little EVOO with garlic and a sprinkling of parmesan on top is delish! I'm looking forward to having some of these wonderful dishes in the near future.

Today, I purchased some kale seed and some turnip seed that I am about to get sewn into the waiting rows in the greens bed.

Kale, potato and sausage soup is a great meal. Along with the fresh spinach salad and the sauteed swiss chard, I will be patiently (yeah right) waiting for the kale to get large enough to make into soup.

While I was buying seed I got the Louisiana purple pod (green) beans, yellow straight neck squash, and dwarf okra seeds.

It's such a beautiful day today that my fingers are itching to get dirty. However, I know that it is way to soon to plant the beans, okra and squash. Again, I will patiently (hee hee hee) waiting for warmer weather.

Gardening is a satisfying and an energizing endeavor for me. I love gardening!!!!!!

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