Thursday, March 5, 2009

Frugal Month of March

On January 31st we bought groceries for the month of February at a cost of $329.32. By February 5th we had spent a total of $167.41 for another trip to the grocery store and eating out or take out.

We decided to try a frugal month of eating at home and staying away from the grocery store for extras which were mostly junk foods.

Today is March 5th and we have spent a total of $2.01 over the monthly groceries and that was for a bag of salad that William picked up this afternoon when he picked up his medicine.

So far we have saved a total of $165.40 over our spending last month.

I am cooking from scratch and we are staying away from take out, delivery and going out to eat. This is healthier for us and it leaves more money in our pockets.

We are planning a trip to Louisiana this month so there will be a couple of meals that we have to eat out but other than that I plan to cook at home.

This is the frugal month of March. We should be on the road to a more frugal year. I feel good about myself when I save money that William works for and money that I receive from retirement.

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