Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trouble thinks he's a bad boy

We have Barred Rock Chickens for egg laying. There are nine hens and a rooster in the flock. The hens are gentle and there is one hen that will follow me around. I call her Henny Penny.

The rooster is another matter. He wants to come after you. We can't turn our back on him. He's already gone after William twice. I am afraid one day I will find Trouble's head laying a far distance from his body if he keeps on with his antics.

Here's a picture of Trouble trying to fight with another Barred Rock rooster that has a withered foot and is in a pen by himself. Silly rooster doesn't realize he can't get through the wire but it sure doesn't stop him from trying.

Trouble, the rooster acting "BAD" Look at his hackles. He thinks he's one bad dude.

Trouble fighting the roo in the next pen.

Trouble being the womanizer he is. I have proof!

Trouble chasing his woman

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