Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Lettuces, Radishes and Mustard

I just went to check on the seeds that we planted last Saturday. So far we have lettuce, radishes and mustard coming up. Yipee, we'll soon have fresh salads from the garden. I can hardly wait.

Spinach and chard takes longer to germinate. They should be sticking their little heads through the dirt by the time we get back from our trip.

The first plants of spring are always so exciting. Now I am ready to get planting for summer but it's a little too early. I am not good at waiting.

William has me two more short rows to plant spring crops on so now I have to think of what I want to put there. I would love to put out some cabbage, onions, kale or green mustard. I don't know what we will put on those rows yet. I will be thinking on this. I could plant zinnias and marigolds on those rows. That would be so nice to see when we look out our back door. Marigolds are edible but if they taste like they smell I am not sure that I want to try them. :)

Spring is in the air!

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