Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weather Report....

It's a beautiful day here in Philly today. The temps were down to around 60 this morning. The sun came out and it's been shining brightly all day. The temps are in the high 80s but it's comfortable outside. The skies are so blue that you can see forever. The leaves on the trees are still green and the green of the trees against the blue of the sky is breathtakingly beautiful.

There's no one who could paint a picture this beautiful except for the Master Painter! He has given me a day to enjoy and enjoy it I have. :)

Sakura and I took a walk around the garden beds this afternoon. I think every mustard and turnip green seed I planted must have come up. There's a sea of green in that bed. If we can keep the bugs from dining on the tender greens we should have plenty greens for eating this fall and winter.

The kale is coming up, too. I didn't have a lot of kale seed but there's a good stand of seedlings so far. I see some kale, potato and sausage soup in our future. Yummy!

While we were outside, I gathered some rosemary and oregano to make a rub for the roast chicken we're having for dinner tonight. Fresh herbs makes every thing taste better.

There were two cukes ready to be snatched off the vines, also. I plan to use them for dinner tomorrow night.

I guess I have had a case of thread drift....I went from the weather report to a garden report but good weather and a good garden kind of goes together as far as I'm concerned. We can't have a good garden without good weather. Don't you agree?

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