Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Tease Is A Tease Is A Tease!

We received a "tease" of rain today. William put all his equipment back in his shop and came in telling me "It's raining!" I was so excited but before he could get seated in his recliner the rain had cease to fall and the sun was once again shining brightly.

That is what I call a "tease". However, according to the "weatherman" rain is in the forecast for the next three days. I am hoping and praying that that "weatherman" is right or I may have to fire him!

Some parts of the country are flooding, some parts are so wet that the homesteaders can't get their fall gardens in the ground and then there is our part of the country that is so dry that when we try to work our raised beds the dust is like a whirlwind, even with deep watering every week and sometimes twice weekly.

It is not for me to understand and I'm very glad that is so because I do not understand why some people get too much of what we haven't gotten nearly enough of this summer.

That's all I have to say today. Well except, my computer will NOT stay online. So if I don't post for a while you will know that I THREW THE DARN THING OUT THE BACK DOOR!!!!!! OR PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE WHERE IT BELONGS!

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