Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rain Came

A nice shower anyway.

Yesterday, William and I got the beds worked up with new compost in them. I planted the kale in the smaller bed and the turnip greens and mustard in the bed where we had green beans earlier.

William turned the water on this morning before leaving for school. Then the good water came late this afternoon. We should see little greens coming up in both beds in the next few days.

I'm not sure if we're going to plant any other fall crops such as beets, carrots or radishes. I want to plant some lettuce but will wait for a few more days because of the temperatures around here are still running in the 90s. That's much too hot for lettuces.

I'm satisfied now that we have the greens in the ground. I hope they will come up and grow off so we can put some into the freezer before a big freeze.

If we have plenty of greens I want to try Alex's recipe for Turnip Green Stew. It sounds pretty good and he says it makes a big pot so I can make one big pot and then freeze some for later.

It's kind of dull around here at this time. Fall is on it's way.....I think but Summer is hanging on for dear life. She's not giving up without a fight!

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