Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day is for......

Laboring. This day has been a regular Monday except for one thing.....William is home.

When I got up this morning I made breakfast, did a load of laundry, made the bed, make homemade barbecue sauce, made three pies, put the cole slaw together, put the meats we bought in bags and into the freezer, wash dishes two or three times, got the ribs on the grill and then into a crock pot, bake the sweet potatoes, transplanted the collard plants, put William's lunch together for tomorrow and I still have work to do. Is this why they call it Labor Day? LOL

I'm just thankful that we have the opportunities we have to work, the foods to cook, clothes to wash and beds to make. I got up with the silly assumption this was a holiday. ROFL

Oh well, we do have twelve collard plants in the bed and one bed is almost ready to plant the kale. I will try to get that done tomorrow along with fertilizing the green beans, cukes, squash and tomatoes.

Then if I'm not too pooped I will get the turnip green planted. I know I was going to do that Saturday but we went to see William's Mom instead. A good reason for not planting is visiting.

I gave the cucumbers a good going over this afternoon and there are several small cukes on the vines. One is what I will call gherkin size so it'll be ready for slicing in another few days.

The latest tomato plants are looking good. They've grown and look sturdy. Now if they'd get busy blooming. A few of the plants do have blooms but I'm selfish.....I want all the plants to have blooms and tomatoes and to hurry up with them. :)

One day this week I want to gather the basil and rosemary to go in the dehydrator. It will be nice to have my homegrown herbs for seasonings this winter.

After I gather the basil and rosemary I will get some chives and oregano along with the few plants of sage to dehydrate.

Herbs in the dehydrator should make the house smell yummy.

Time to get back to work. I hope you will come back again real soon.

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