Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do Naked Ladies Tell The Truth?

Last night we were at my Mother-In-Law's for her 86th birthday get together with her children and some of the nieces. One of the great-grands came in with a flower they'd picked for Mamaw. It was a Naked Lady!!!!! According to legend (some swear it's fact) thirty days after the Naked Ladies start blooming we will have our first frost.

Do these ladies tell the truth? This is the middle of September. Are we going to have a frost here in East Central Mississippi by the middle of October? I hope not!

There's small tomatoes on the vines. The squash and zukes are blooming, the green beans are full of blooms and the cucumbers....Well, what can I say about the cucumbers? Maybe, that they're loaded with little cucumbers and with blooms. A frost in the middle of October would bring all this bounty to a sudden halt.

I am going to bet that the Naked Ladies are telling untruths this year, To be on the safe side, I'm going to hedge my bet with some white row covering to protect those tasty veggies that will still be maturing. That's just in case the ladies know something that I don't know.

Since my Mother-In-Law lives southeast of us, I decided I'd better check on my Naked Ladies....Yep, they're there, standing tall and dancing in the breeze.

We'll see if they speak the truth or not. I am marking on the calendar this date and will wait to see...............................

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