Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's New?

Nothing much new around here. The weather is still all the news. Temps expected to reach 101 degrees today with a heat index over 110 degrees. We're staying close to the air conditioner where it's at least bearable.

I went outside and gathered some fresh basil to go in my tomato, onion, and cucumber salad we're having for "Lupper" (that's lunch and supper for those who don't know). I'm going to microwave some potatoes and grill a couple of small steaks. That's going to be our evening meal.

I plan to cut some fresh chives to sprinkle over the baked potatoes. So there will be another trip out into the heat. Also, have to heat the grill up and keep the steaks from burning. But, that's not like staying outside all evening nor is it as hot as heating up the kitchen with the oven/stove. :)

We've had a rough week around here. William's youngest brother had a stroke last Monday. He's recovering nicely except he still can't speak but for a few words. He was paralyzed on the right side at first but he has regained use of his arm and leg even though he is still weak in these areas.

William's Mom had some tests done last Monday to check out some lumps the doctor found in her abdomen. The doctor is concerned that the cancer has come back. We're going with her tomorrow to get the results of the tests. I pray they are negative and must have faith in the prayers but I'm really afraid for her and for William (and all her family).

William will be starting back to school on Tuesday. He's supposed to start tomorrow but is taking off to go with Mamaw. I hope he gets to start on a positive note.

I know this isn't about gardening but it's about family and family is more important than gardening. Or it is to me, anyway. Gardening comes in second!

Back to gardening.....We did get the squash, zucchinis, butternut squash, cucumbers, and green beans planted. I hope these will produce better than the ones we had this summer. We also have eight tomato plants growing in a raised bed. Good food for the fall.

We need to get a bed or some beds made in which to plant greens. We can plant greens here until around the first of September and they will have time to get a head start on the cold.

Our fall/winter garden will include turnip greens, mustard, kale, swiss chard, lettuces, spinach and transplant some collard greens. The collard greens and kale will survive our winters. The other greens will make it through several light frosts.

I've been looking into row covers to protect the greens from frost. If I order the row covers the veggies should make it until we have a hard freeze. I'll go to any lengths to have fresh veggies on my table. LOL

That's enough rambling for me today. There's a steak with my name on it waiting to be grilled and a potato waiting to be baked. Wish y'all could join us. Maybe one day!

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