Monday, August 9, 2010

Gremlins? Gnomes? Or....

Those six inches long black and red grasshoppers? They're not really six inches long but they eat like they are.

I planted some yellow squash and zucchini seeds a week or so ago. The seeds did their job and germinated to the nth degree. That means most all the seeds came up. I checked on them every day or so and they were growing. I was looking forward to fresh squash until frost...

But....some kind of critter decided the tender shoots were too tasty to leave where they were planted. I went out to see how much the plants had grown and they had completely disappeared. No sign of anything ever being planted in that bed.

Not to be out done...I replanted this morning. If the seeds come up and critters get them again it will be too late for planting squash in this area for late fall eating. I will have to keep a close watch on the plants when they stick their heads out of the dirt.

We have been blessed with a huge crop of black/red grasshoppers this summer. They are guilty by association as far as I'm concerned. I try to stomp them but no matter how hard I stomp on the varmints they hop off with me in hot pursuit. It takes several stomps to do them in!

We have removed the old tomato vines, the okra stalks and green bean vines from three beds. We have to get them reworked and more compost added to the dirt then......It's turnip green planting time.

I'm going to mix the turnip green seed with mustard seed and sew a bed with those. Another bed will have kale in it. The third bed will be collard greens.

William couldn't find any collard green plants so he bought seeds. I need to get them in the ground this week so they'll have time to get a good hold on growing before it turns cold. They should come right up what with the daily showers we've been getting. Not a lot of rain but enough to keep the ground damp and perfect for sprouting the seeds.

That's enough rambling for today. I'm ready to get the fall garden going and can already taste those greens with a big ham hock cooked in them. Cornbread, green onions and pepper sauce will round out the meal. "Yum, Yum" as Grandpa Jones used to say.

One more thing....I have pictures of William's birthday get together that I have to download and then I'll post pictures here so y'all can see his party attendance. Family members were at the party.

Thanks for coming. Come again any time. :)

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