Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everything's Moving Slowly Along

Things have been moving slowly around our part of the country. I haven't felt well so that's been a good excuse to stay inside away from the heat.

We did get the old tomatoes limbs trimmed off and the vines tied up once again. We still need to rake the old mulch out, fertilize the tomatoes and put new mulch around them. Then cross our fingers that this will work and the old vines will once again become productive.

We've gotten the newer tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and green beans taken care of and are now waiting for them to start doing their job of providing us fresh veggies for fall.

The greens still are not planted. The temps are running in the 90s. This leads me to believe that it's still too hot for turnips greens, mustard, Kale, Collards and lettuces to survive the heat. I may be wrong but I'd rather wait for another week or so than have to replant.

We've gotten several good rains lately. They did the garden a world of good. They also made this old soul feel better.

That's about it around Hunny Bunny Haven. I'll be reporting in again when I'm feeling more up to par and can get out the camera for some pictures. Come again, y'all!

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