Monday, August 30, 2010

The Latest Around Hunny Bunny Haven

While I like to add pictures to my postings there won't be any this time either. Photobucket doesn't want to load my pictures anymore and the blogger loader will stick them in one spot and either they won't move or I'm not holding my mouth right. The news today will be without pictures.

This weekend on Saturday we got the peppers all fertilized again. Then it rained right after we put the fertilizer around them. That is a good thing. We're hoping that they'll start blooming again and we will have fresh peppers until frost.

I picked all the peppers ready to be harvested Saturday afternoon. Sunday I cut the stems off the peppers, cut the pods into quarters and put them in the dehydrator. This morning I had good, crisp peppers ready to be broken up for pepper flakes or ground into powder. The red Cayenne is going to be the flakes for our winter stews and soups and the Jalapenos will be ground into powder for seasoning stews, chili, or rubbing into meats.

Saturday we planted some more multiplying onions to fill the bed where some onions are already large enough to use in salads. When the bulbs we put out on Saturday come up we should have a good size onion bed. We use a lot of green onions in cooking. Maybe, I should say....I use a lot of green onions in cooking.

The cucumbers are blooming. I saw some blooms this morning when I went to the storage building to get the dehydrator. Our early cukes dried up and died so we're looking forward to fresh cucumbers in the next two to three weeks.

I planted the long, burpless ones earlier but planted the pickling type of cucumber for fall use. I don't know if we'll have enough to pickle but that would be an added bonus if we do.

The okra we planted for summer dropped it's leaves and died, also. There are two stalks of okra that came up volunteer. One stalk is producing. I cut six pods of okra off that one stalk. That's almost as much as we harvested from the whole bed of earlier plants.

I'm of the thinking that just maybe okra is not a good raised bed crop. The two stalks that came up on their own are scattered about the garden and they look healthy. Next spring we may need to make a bed that isn't raised for the okra.

We have some late blooming flowers around the yard. There are some bright, red Cannas blooming both in the front and the back yards. A Rose of Sharon is covered in big purple blooms in the back. Over the front arbor a sweet smelling rose is blooming. The rose is a barely pink color but the fragrance is what Heaven must smell like.

There are some blooms on the roses in the rose bed. This coming weekend I plan to prune those roses and give them a little dose of food then watch for their last burst of blooms before it's too cold for them to bloom.

Yesterday morning (Sunday) it was raining when we got up and rained most of the morning. A good, slow, soaking rain that has made all the garden plants, flowers and the grass stand tall.

That's about all the goings on around here. Thanks for dropping in. I hope you'll come again. :)

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