Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today Has Been A Hot One But....

I'm proud to say I braved the heat and went outside to pick some tomatoes and peppers. I can say it did not take me long to get all I needed gathered and get back inside. :)

All the vegetables that I planted this past week are coming up. They didn't look so good in the hundred degree heat out there today. They did get some good water late yesterday afternoon so maybe they'll be okay.

I think I need some shade cloth to go over the new plants while it's so hot. I don't know where to find any shade cloth here in Philly unless Lowes carries it. I will call them tomorrow and find out since William is planning a trip to Lowes tomorrow afternoon.

In the morning I'm going to pick all the little knotty green tomatoes on the oldest vines. I think there's enough to make William some Chow-Chow. At least we'll be using the tomatoes instead of letting them hang on the vines for stink bugs to eat or to rot on the vines.

After I get all the tomatoes off the vines, I'm going to pull the vines up to make a space for some collard plants. The bed may be large enough for the collard greens and some kale. I'll have to wait and see after I get the tomato plants out and get the bed ready to reuse.

The tomatoes we transplanted a week or so ago are growing and looking healthy. I sure hope they will produce some fine tomatoes. The other two tomato beds are about to burn out and it's just too early to give up fresh tomato sandwiches yet.

Life is moving slowly around here. It's just too hot to do anything else except to mosey along. I'm going to "mosey" on out of Hunny Bunny Haven tonight. Thanks for dropping by. Come again any time.

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