Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank Goodness For The Neshoba County Fair!

The Neshoba County Fair is being held this week....This fair is known as the Giant House Party. The fairgrounds have two and three story cabins built all over the grounds....except for the race track and an area for carnival rides and games. There are acres and acres of cabins and camping trailers set up just for the fair.

People come home from all over the world (or just come from all over the world) to attend the Neshoba County Fair. It's a huge reunion every year.

William and I don't attend this giant get together mainly because it's hotter than heck without being around the huge engines running the rides and the crowds of people bumping into each other swapping sweat.

William and I have looked forward to this week for another reason. We have had a very dry summer. There has been no rain to amount to anything for close to two months. BUT.......

Every year during the Neshoba County Fair it rains. It rains most every day. It thunders and there's lightening. This has been true this week. It has been a little rain every day since Saturday. Some days it was only a short sprinkle, some days it came a good shower for about fifteen minutes but today it rained for almost an hour. A good soaking rain...just what we need for our old veggie plants and the new ones we have growing.

William and I have discussed several times the probability of rain the week of the Neshoba County Fair. If we had bet on it we'd won and won big time.

The best thing about this is today is only Tuesday. By Friday we should be saturated. Maybe!

This is how dry we have been here in East Central Mississippi.....The Kudzu is withering and drying up. Now when Kudzu withers and the leaves start turning brown from lack of water, it has been extremely dry for quite a spell.

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