Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Hot For Much Of Anything

The weather has been hot, humid and dry. The temps have been hovering around 100 degrees with a heat index close to 110. The humidity has been between 90 and 100 percent and we've had lots of thunder but no rain. This makes for terrible conditions to work outside. So I have stayed inside most of the time.

Yesterday I did finish transplanting the tomatoes. Two of the plants I transplanted a couple of weeks ago had died so I replaced them with the two left in the pot. I probably should have left them in the pot because those were growing better in the pot than the ones I put in the ground.

William has been getting up early to work on the pen for the geese. He has it almost finished so the goslings will be moving into their new home in the next couple of days. They are growing like crazy. I may have to change Zacheus' name. He's almost caught up to Goliath. I may have rename Zach to G-Junior. LOL

One of the young guineas died. Now we have four guineas and five turkeys in the brooder. I'm thinking when the goslings move into their new home we will move the guineas and turkeys into the bigger brooder. We have a pen ready for them when they're old enough to move out of the brooder. They're growing some but not as quickly as I expected.

I've been trying to figure out what to plant in our fall garden but I haven't come up with a plan as of yet. I think we're going by our local Co-Op tomorrow to see if there's any tomato plants and bell pepper and sweet banana pepper plants still in stock. We have plenty of time for these to produce before frost.

The sweet potatoes are growing. I really hope they're making potatoes and not just vines. We'll be disappointed if that bed of potatoes doesn't make us some sweet taters. :)

That's about all that's going on around here. We get up every morning, feed and water the animals and then try to stay cool for the rest of the day. After about ten o'clock we check the animals about every two hours and then it's back to the A/C.

I hope that you all are staying cool wherever you are. Remember to drink plenty of water if you're working outside in the heat. :)

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